Posted on: October 5, 2009 2:06 am

College Football Top 25 - Week 5

Here's my latest top 25.

1. Florida - Being idle this week, and no one below them impressing enough, they get to keep the top spot for now.

2. Texas - Same as above.

3. Alabama - Wasn't impressed enough with their victory to move them ahead of the two idle teams ahead of them, but a good enough win to stay right here.

4. Virginia Tech - Good tough win against Duke. Tyrod Taylor played at the top of his game.

5. LSU -  Good win on the road against Georgia.  Snatching victory from the jaws of defeat in such an impressive fashion is enough to move them up one spot in today's poll.

6. Boise State - This is the first example of what I was talking about last week.  While both LSU and Boise State won this week, LSu played a much tougher opponent, and their overall body of work is now better than Boise.

7. Cincinnati - Undefeated record and good win last week makes Cincinnati storm into the top 10 after losses by Oklahoma and Houston this week.

8. Mississippi - Good win, even if it was against Vandy.  Big chance against Alabama this week to move up in the polls with a win.

9. Kansas - Idle this week, moving up because of losses of others. With games next against Iowa State and Colorado, two wins could possibly make this a top 5 team when Oklahoma comes to town, depending of course on losses by teams above them.

10. TCU - Slow start, but they jumped out to a lead and never looked back.

11. Miami - While Jacory Harris had an impressive game and probably got back into the Heisman race, I'm not so sure they would have wond if Bradford had been in for that last drive.

12. Oklahoma State - Another idle team this week, moving up due to Houston and Oklahoma losses.

13. Oklahoma - A hard fought game, but Oklahoma needs to be careful.  This team could easily have 3 losses in conference this year if they continue to play like this.
14. Brigham Young - Solid win against Utah State helps them to move up in this weeks rankings.

15. USC - Win against Cal was pretty impressive, but the QB play has to improve for USC to win the Pac 10 this year.

16. Oregon - I have to admit that I ranked Oregon a little low last week.  This week I'm moving them up to about where they belong, and they might actually pass USC even if they both win out before their game on Halloween.

17. Penn State - Nice to get back on the winning track, but nothing to convince me that they deserve any higher of a ranking this week. 

18. Ohio State - Solid win against a clearly overmatched Indiana team.

19. Iowa - Mediocre performance against mediocre at best competition.  I was prepared to move them up with a convincing win this week, but that was far from it.

20. Georgia Tech - Undefeated, and slowly been gaining my respect.  Wish I could see more of this team, I'm sure I'd like it.

21. Houston - That was a bad loss.  Still have one of the better wins, but won't stay in for long without blowing everyone out.

22. Missouri - Idle this week, moved up because Georgia dropped out.

23. Auburn - Undefeated and in the SEC, it's impossible to find a reason to keep this team unranked any longer.

24. Nebraska - Big game against Missouri which will probably decide who stays in the rankings.

25. South Florida - Impressive win at Floridat State helped last week, and them a strong win at Syracuse helped push them into the Top 25 this week.

Next 5 (in no particular order):  Georgia, South Carolina, Stanford, Utah, Wisconsin

Dropped out this week:
California (14) - After two blowout losses, it's hard to see why they were ranked in the first place.
Georgia (22) - Tough loss at home, and good teams don't get boneheaded penalties that cost them the game.
Michigan (24) - was finally starting to get on the bandwagon, and then the wheel came off against Michigan State.

New to the rankings:
Georgia Tech, South Florida, Auburn

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