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Posted on: October 12, 2009 12:25 am

College Football Top 25 - Week 6

With only 4 ranked teams losing (7 if include the next five), there was not a lot of movement in the rankings this week.  New #1, and some surprising top 10 teams, including 3 Big 12 teams, and two non-AQ teams. Also, I continued to add to the rankings, giving change from last weeks ranking as well.

1. Alabama (+2) - That was a very impressive win against a decent Mississippi team.  There is nothing that anyone else has done even remotely close to what Alabama has accomplished.

2. Florida (-1) - Not impressed at all with that win.  Defense was pretty good, but the offense was rather sluggish.

3. Virginia Tech (+1) - Impressive win against BC.  That lone loss is looking better and better.

4. Texas (-1) - Nothing about that win was impressive.  They were pretty much stifled by a lackluster Colorado defense.

5. Boise State (+1) - Idle this week, but no one else around them winning impressively enough to jump up past them.

6. Kansas (+3) - Benefitting from losses by the two active teams above them, Kansas moves up with a harder than expected win based on the brilliant performance by Todd Reesing.  Reesing has thrust himself into the Heisman discussion, but still has some work to do to become a serious contender.

7. Cincinnati (0) - No game, no move.

8. Miami (+3) - Even though it was just Florida A&M, this team still looks very good.

9. TCU (+1) - That was an ugly win against Air Force, but a win is a win, so I can't penalize them in this case.

10. Oklahoma State (+2) - Loss to Houston looks a little better now, and tough win against a fairly good A&M team helps jump them into the top 10 this week.

11. LSU (-6) - I know the defense of Florida is fairly good, but they should have been able to score more than 3 points. 

12. Brigham Young (+2) - Impressive win against an overmatched opponent.

13. Oklahoma (0) - Good win, but they were playing against Baylor, who is without their star QB for the entire season.  We'll see how good they are after this week's game against Texas.  Win, and they jump.

14. Oregon (+2) - Good defensive second half to help them jump up in the polls.  They will need that good defensive play to carry them through the rest of this month.

15. USC (0) - Idle, no change.

16. Georgia Tech (+4) - Once again, I am impressed by this team.  While the D needs some work after giving up 44 to Florida State, the offense showed that they clearly are as explosive as any in the country.

17. Ohio State (+1) - Good win against previously unbeaten Wisconsin, causing them to jump over Penn State this week.

18. Penn State (-1) - Expected easy win against a directional school.  Nothing special to justify moving them up.

19. Iowa (0) - Tough win against Michigan, should not have been that hard though.

20. Houston (0) - Back on the right track after that loss to UTEP.  Nothing too impressive about that win though, so they stay pat.

21. Nebraska (+2) - Good road win in conference.  The rain probably had a lot to do with it, but that was an ugly game, with lots of mistakes, so I can't get too excited about it.

22. South Carolina (NR) - Undefeated at this point in the year pretty much assures a spot in the Top 25.

23. Utah (NR) - 3rd Mountain West team in these rankings, showing that this conference is still just as good as ever.

24. South Florida (+1) - Idle this week, moving up because of other losses

25. West Virginia (NR) - Finally a believer in this team.  They still have a tough road through the Big East though.

Next 5 (in no particular order):
Central Michigan
Notre Dame

New to the rankings this week:
South Carolina, Utah, West Virginia.

Falling out of the rankings this week:
Mississippi (8) - That loss was ugly. U-G-L-Y. Nothing going at all on offense, and those 4 INT's killed any chance they had at a decent bowl this year.
Missouri (22) - That 4th quarter collapse begs the question:  Would the score have been anywhere near as close if it hadn't been raining the first 3 quarters?  Also, what was Gary Pinkel thinking, leaving an obviously-injured Gabbert in the game.
Auburn (23) - Thoroughly embarrassed by Arkansas.  No possible reason to keep them in the rankings.


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